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Trick or Treat

I wrote a double tanka tonight after passing out bookmarks at our city’s Boo in Bluffton night. The kids surprised me with their enthusiasm about getting bookmarks instead of candy. That, of course, made me happy. For more on Halloween (and pictures), visit my other blog here

Trick or Treat

Queen of hearts, minions,
Werewolves, ninjas, scary clowns,
Princesses and Pooh
Grim Reapers, even The Hulk,
But not a ghost to be found

The Incredibles,
Even a trio of skunks
Monsters, even Darth Vader
Halloween costumes galore
Children begging for candy

But where were the ghosts?


Halfway to Launching Read Tuesday with THUNDER

I’m signed up for this Thunderclap, are you? It’s a cinch to participate and it will help spread the word about Read Tuesday (which is an awesome event, by the way!)




Wouldn’t it be cool to have a day like Black Friday, but just for books?

A great day to find hundreds of books—all different kinds—on sale. Fiction, nonfiction. Print, digital.

Buy books as gifts or stock up for the new year.

Well, there is such a day. It’s called Read Tuesday.

If you missed it in 2013, you get a second chance on December 9, 2014.


This year, we’re launching Read Tuesday with THUNDER.

The idea is to create hundreds of brief announcements about Read Tuesday (with a link to the site, which will contain a catalog of participating books) that simultaneously launch on the morning of Read Tuesday.

Our Thunderclap promotion presently has 50 supporters with a combined social media reach of 182,506 people.

That’s a lot of people who will see the announcement for Read Tuesday (attention authors: this is your chance for FREE…

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Mix it up! 15 Books about Kindness and Giving

the open book

Today is Mix It Up At Lunch Day, an annual day started by Teaching Tolerance over a decade ago to encourage kindness and reduce prejudice in schools by encouraging students to sit and have lunch with someone new, one day out of the year. Teaching Tolerance offers some great resources to help schools celebrate Mix It Up At Lunch Day, and we thought we’d add our own list of recommended books that encourage kindness, giving, bravery and open-mindedness!

15 Books About Kindness and Giving

  1. Lend a Hand: Poems About Giving written by John Frank and illustrated by London Ladd- A collection of poems showing the many ways individuals can make differences.
  2. Antonio’s Card written by Rigoberto González and illustrated by Cecilia Álvarez – Antonio’s classmates make fun of Leslie, Antonio’s mother’s partner because of her paint-spattered overalls. Antonio decides to make a card for his mother and her partner.
  3. First Come the Zebra by Lynne Barasch –  Abaani…

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IndieGo-GO? Here I go!

The D/A Dialogues

indiegogoheader - BLOGSo, I did something I never thought I would be bold enough to do: launch a crowdfunding campaign.

But I did – and it’s live! 

There’s even a contribution on it (Thank you, Christopher – and no, this is not the official thank-you).

Through the campaign, you can PRE-ORDER your very own copy of Changelings, and even have it signed or personally inscribed by yours truely (and if you ask nice, I’ll even have D sign it!). There are also a lot of great perks to be had. I think I had the most fun looking for those!

All of this is an effort to expand the distribution for Changelings. I’ve pushed myself to become more active in my local community, and I want to be able to share this with them – with the libraries I love so dearly, with the bookstores and coffee shops – and distribution…

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