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Given Any Choice (Tanka)

I really like Dom’s poetry. You should follow his blog and enjoy it too

Black and Write

Given any choice
It would be no choice at all
You would be the one
Though we are separated
My heart chooses only you
~~Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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Here is a little something I wrote for the prompt on Community Storyboard. The prompt was Thanksgiving.

We’re thankful for turkey,
Stuffing and pie
Then grumble about the dishes

We’re thankful for family,
Chatter around the table
Then gossip after you leave

We’re thankful for children,
Giggling and excited
Then are glad when they go home

We’re thankful for our team
As they play on the big screen
Then hate the coach when we lose

We forget what really matters
Spending time together
As we rush to go shopping

Welcome It All

If you don’t already follow Helen, you definitely should. She writes some beautiful poetry.

helen midgley


You’ll never know life until you have tasted it all,

A scrapbook of images to touch and recall,

For the joy and the sadness of all that we’ve seen,

Are just snippets of time and the places we’ve been.


The breath of a sunbeam that wakens the morn,

The dew of the mist as a day is reborn,

The scent of a meadow in emeralds and greens,

The power of living and its forceful vaccine.


Summer filled childhoods of buckets and spades,

Castles and pirates and games that we played,

Swimming with mermaids away from dry land,

And dancing in moonlight barefoot on the sand,


The joy of that first kiss that came in surprise,

With a promise of passion and love in disguise,

The joining of bodies and that feeling of wonder,

And heartbreak that follows a love pulled asunder.


Time that raced forward…

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Have you ever…

Have you ever…

Started to say I love you?
Wanted to reach out and touch him?
Wished you could hold his hand,
Or spend an entire night together?

Have you ever…

Just watched him,
when he didn’t know you were looking?
Daydreamed a new reality?
Wanted what you couldn’t have?

Have you ever…

Whispered a name you shouldn’t?
Ached with desire?
Wished you could stop time?
Given up on love?

Have you ever…


Feeling he’ll never arrive
Anxious to see him
Watching the clock tick slowly
Time seems to stop…oh, he’s here