Here is my interview with Sarah M. Cradit

Great interview with one of my favorite authors.


Name: Sarah M. Cradit

Age: A lady never reveals her age. ;)

Where are you from: I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but spent most of my twenties moving around the country for my other career. My husband and I lived all over, from Michigan to Georgia to Tennessee to Maine. We’ve been back in Oregon for some time, but never know where our next adventure might take us.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

2016 is going to be a big year for new projects! I have two full-length House of Crimson & Clover books releasing this year, as well as several short stories from the series. Most of the series will also be available in audio before the year is over, too, which I’m excited about. As well, I am partnering on a brand new series with author Becket called The Text Message Serials. We…

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Heads up, readers/writers!

A great time to pick up a good book!



Y’all are the first to hear that, starting Friday, Town Father will be on sale for a mere 99 pennies. The sale runs all weekend and will be listed on EReader News Today on Saturday, so if you’re thinking of buying please snag your copy to help propel TF up the Amazon charts. Think of it as lighting a little bottle rocket.

Don’t worry. I’ll remind you on Friday … and Saturday … and Sunday.

Also, if you missed the announcement yesterday, do check out my new editing service, dubbed Indie-Scribable. The first three intrepid writers to hire me will get a special rate (even lower than those quoted on the website), but all of my clients will receive an ebook of Town Father, Occasional Soulmates, or Yesterday Road at the end of the project.

I’ve set up a new Twitter account for the business — @_IndieScribable

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Calling All Children’s Books Authors – Special Needs Children Need Your Books!


Bird from Twin Lakes Civitan

Hi fellow authors!

I recently received a message from a lady, Angie Smith, who is looking for books up to grade six level for special needs children. She is the secretary of Twin Lakes Civitan, a non-profit organization that helps people of all ages who are in need of assistance. Above is their adorable snake reading a book and below their logo!

Twin Lakes Civitan

Angie asked me if I could spread the word about this organization and help in some way to obtain the much needed books for their special needs children to get them up to their reading levels. I told her I would be happy to send some of my books to her. All most authors want in return is a review. This she said she would make sure is done for anyone who donates a book or books.

Please visit their website and you will see the good things that they do to help…

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ONLY 99¢ February 7th-14th: DOG BONE SOUP by Bette A. Stevens

This was a five star book for me. Now would be a great time to download it!

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

DOG BONE SOUP on kindle 2Celebrate Love Month this year with a hearty helping of DOG BONE SOUP, a novel by Bette A. Stevens. The soup’s simmering and it’s on sale for ONLY 99¢ from February 7th through 14th. Set in the 1950s and 60s, DOG BONE SOUP is the coming-of-age saga of a poor boy growing up in rural New England. In DOG BONE SOUP, you’re sure to discover why “Compassion is such a beautiful thing.” Already have your copy? Please share the news with your friends!

Latest✰✰✰✰✰ book review:

‘Wow! I don’t know where to start with this story. Every now and then a book comes along that really makes an impression on you. Dog Bone Soup is one of those books. I didn’t grow up in the 1950s, but I didn’t have to because the author put me smack-dab in the middle of them (then later in the 60s).

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Blossom reads

I spent some time today recording Blossom reading more children’s books. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You can see it here. I will wait while you check it out. In fact, I’ve got enough time for you to poke around the site while you are there.

So, what did you think? I am anxious to get the new recordings posted but that will be a couple of weeks. What I’m more anxious for is to acquire permission from more independent children’s picture book authors. Are you a children’s author? Do you know one? Please help me connect by sharing this blog.

Latest Creative Calm Releases

J and I Publishing

The start of February marks the release of the next four instalments of the ‘Creative Calm’ series of Adult Color Books. Whilst volume 7 is the usual eclectic mix of random coloring images, the latter three volumes are themed to some degree.

Volume 8 is ‘The Color of Love’ and is a perfect choice to buy that special person for Valentine’s Day, or indeed, any other day of the year.

Volume 9 is part of the Seasons’ theme and reflects upon the beauty of Winter, with volume 10 following a general Christmas theme.

creative calm 7Amazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 8Amazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 9Amazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 10Amazon US

Amazon UK

Series Description

Coloring is not just for kids. It has been proven to be an excellent way for adults to destress, create mindfulness and slow down from daily life, all while enjoying an activity that you can truly make your own…

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#FREE eBook February 6–10. It’s “PURE TRASH” by Bette A. Stevens

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

“Beautifully Written”~ Jo Robinson

“A Window into a Baby Boomer’s Saturday.”
~ Christina Steiner

“A child’s perspective in everyday cruelty captured beautifully…” ~ Maria Catalina Egan

PURE TRASH MustRead Prequel to DBS

PURE TRASH, a short story adventure (ages 11–adult) by Bette A. Stevens, Maine author

#FREE eBook (Limited Time) FEBRUARY 6th – 10th

In this short story adventure set in New England in the 1950s, two young boys set out on a Saturday adventure you won’t want to miss! Experience the joy of a carefree Saturday and the blistering pain of feeling not quite good enough as you hop on a bike and ride into town with two delightful young boys who find adventure at every turn. Shawn and Willie Daniels live in the woods with no indoor water or plumbing. Dad spends most of his hard-earned money on beer. Prejudice, class division, alcoholism, poverty, injustice, and bullying are cleverly woven into this 1950s…

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