A Traditional Book Review: Three Ghosts by Katie Sullivan #MondayBlogs #bookreview

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Another book on my TBR list (that list seems to only get longer and never shorter)

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As I often complain to anyone who will spare me a few minutes (and that usually reduces to a few seconds once they see I’m about to complain):  I have a  tower of to-be-read  and to-be-reviewed books that may as well be called Eiffel for it’s height.  It’s my own fault, I know.  I buy books at the urging of friends, or because of a fascinating interview with the author, or because I participated in a promotion, or, as in this case, because I am already familiar with the author’s writing and just had to read more. 

Many of you I hope already know Katie Sullivan from The D/A Dialogues, an often hilarious blog where Katie spars with a Druid who’s been living in her head for roughly the last 20 years.  She is currently working on a series, a young adult historical fantasy novel replete with Druids and…

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Hie thee to Helena’s latest

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Look what came in the mail on Friday. Volume Two of Helena Hann-Basquiat’sMemoirs of a Dilettante.

I bring this up not only because Helena is a splendid writer who uses language like a pizzaiolo twirls dough (i.e., with aplomb) but also because she quoted me on the back cover. I’d like to think my blurb will help her sell a few copies, but I’m also hoping some of Helena’s readers will hop over and buy my books. Blurbing is a two-way street.

I’ll keep this brief so you can click rye-cheer and grab your copy. If you loved volume one, I’m confident that volume two will float your boat, warm your cookies, and massage your buns with the continuing saga of Helena and the Countess of Arcadia, Penelope.

I need to get up to Arcadia one of these days and drop in on them. I know Helena has…

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#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…

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I have been hearing from a LOT recently that more SCAM BOOK SITES are appearing online in ever increasing numbers…

What can YOU do about it?

If you are an author and YOUR book(s) are being offered without your permission – issue DMCA Notices (SEE BELOW FIRST)


It may be tempting to get books FOR FREE or at greatly reduced prices but…

They may be a click farm looking for your email

and you will be infected with a virus.




If they are on Facebook – Use Facebook’s reporting form to remove their link source from Facebook’s server.

My attorney warns me not to click on them, but to send a form letter to their server.

You can find out their server here:

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Island in the Clouds – Where in the World??

Pamela Beckford:

Great idea – and if you haven’t gotten Island in the Clouds yet, what a perfect time for you to order it.

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I know many readers have already bought, downloaded, and read/are reading/or are about to read the eBook of my new novel, Island in the Clouds. I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart!

I was just thinking though that, knowing how far-flung my friends and readers are, it might be fun to see exactly where in the world my novel is being read, and by whom. So I’m asking that you send me a picture of whatever device you’re reading on – whether it be an eReader or your computer – with either the cover showing or the title page or a page of text, and the setting where you’re reading it visible in the background. So whether it’s a local coffee shop or restaurant, the beach (or, if you’re in Toronto, The Beach!), your verandah or boat, your office or living room or bedroom, garden…

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When reviews really matter…

Pamela Beckford:

Reviews really do matter

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 “Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit who lived in his Hobbit hole and never went for adventures, at last Gandalf the wizard and his Dwarves persuaded him to go. He had a very exiting (sic) time fighting goblins and wargs. At last they get to the lonely mountain; Smaug, the dragon who guards it is killed and after a terrific battle with the goblins he returned home — rich! This book, with the help of maps, does not need any illustrations it is good and should appeal to all children between the ages of 5 and 9.” Rayner Unwin’s review of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

In 1936 a ten year old boy named was given a book by his father. This was not just any book, nor just any boy… Rayner Unwin was the son of Sir Stanley Unwin, founder of the publishing firm George…

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