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A birthing…of sorts

My latest baby has been born – And early too (our projected release date was April 1 – it was a lengthy labor but not too painful. And, I’ve forgotten all about that stuff anyway.

My latest poetry collection is a collaboration with Kirsten A. and is titled Voices of Nature. It features poems of many different poetry forms. Check it out – the Kindle version is only $.99 and the paperback version is $7.59.

Your support is always appreciated and I would love to spread the word on our new book. Reviews are appreciated as well. Working together with another poet was fun and I could not have chosen anyone more compatible to collaborate with.

You can see Kirsten’s blog here, along with one of her sample poems from the book.

Here is one of my sample poems from the book:

Moonlight (tanka)

Half moon sparkles light
Full moon shines brightly all night
Sunshine lights the sky
Warms us with the golden glow
Sunset fades as moon shines bright

Of course, Dreams of Love is still available from Amazon as well.

If you’d like to sign up for a tiny blog tour later in April, please send me an email to


Please Me

Hug me
Hold me
Kiss me
Caress me
Stroke me
Squeeze me
Tease me
Please me

A Teaser

My latest publication co-authored with Kirsten A is getting closer to reality. Proof copy received today, a few minor adjustments to the interior and it will be done.
And a tanka I wrote for the book that seems to be appropriate for today (what is happening outside my window is not corresponding to the date on today’s calendar).

Snowpocalypse (tanka)

Howling swirling winds
Snow falling faster than time
The bite of cold stings
Winter’s blustery cold blast
Hibernation appealing

Surrender (triquain)

Giving my entire self
Vulnerable, naked and empty
Waiting for that moment of ecstatic release
Waves of warm love wash over my heart
Leaving me defenseless
Against you

Dreams of Love Stats

I never had any illusions that one single person would buy my poetry collection. Seeing that first sale was a feeling I can’t even describe. Then, seeing my book in the top 100 paid books in poetry (love poems) was even more thrilling. Of course, I had no idea how to even know that until someone explained it all to me. While it bounced out of the top 100 kindle love poems, it has now reappeared (see below) – I would love to see it stay there and even climb a bit higher (I think it got up to about #26 at one point).

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #319,900 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#46 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Love Poems

Plus, I have had TEN five-star reviews – they each have brought tears to my eyes. I know for many writers, ten is just a drop in the bucket, but for someone who just started writing poetry a short time ago, this is absolutely thrilling. Check out the reviews and read what others have said about the book.

I will be releasing a new collection with just a few days that I am co-writing with Kirsten. It will be titled Voices of Nature. And, of course, I am already working on a new collection of love poems to be published in a couple of months.

I know that poetry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think if you are following this blog, you have an idea of my poetry and would enjoy it.


I wrote a post not long ago on What is Poetry – you can read it here. And I continue to think about this. Poetry is so individualized. Not everyone likes the same style of poetry or even the same subject matter. Poems can take many forms – long and short – rhyming and unrhyming. I just wish people would give poetry a chance. I still think that many of us were taught in school about famous poems. But Dr. Seuss was a poet and many children’s books involve poetry at its best. I have been experimenting with many different forms – some I like and some I don’t.

Today I ran across a blog (I was unable to reblog, but it is definitely worth a look).

So, what are your thoughts on poetry?