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Ode to Social Media

Clever rhyme that says it all

Writes of Passage

(With no hint of irony at all…)

Oh social media, how I love you
Your silly, modern ways.
A place to be a socialite
Across the World Web waves.

To check in your location
Refresh the News Feed page.
To tag and crop a photograph
To create your very own stage.

A place to share and have a laugh
Or for sympathy to seek.
Make of it all what you will
Any day of your long, dull week.

A world to stalk celebrities
From the comfort of your own home.
Or just to find that normal folk
Have a life duller than your own.

Status updates, like and link
A profile for all to see.
Nothing’s sacred anymore
But who cares? It’s all for free.

Tell whoever wants to know
All about your life.
Communicate your deepest thoughts
From the sofa to your wife.

Collect up lots of friends like…

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Dear Children, I Apologize For The Behavior Of My Fellow Adults




Dear Children,

I am so very sorry that many of us have let you down.  I am sorry that we disappoint you on a daily basis by engaging in the very behavior we urge you not to engage in.

From a very early age, we adults encourage you to share your toys, say please and thank you, mind your manners, be kind and respectful to others and to never to be a bully. We take you to church, socialize you and expose you to people who are different.  We teach you tolerance and acceptance and hope that you will grow up to be a kind and happy adult.

But in reality, we fail.  We ourselves don’t share.  We are demanding of others, we do not take accountability for our actions, we blame others, we are not kind or respectful to others and we do the bullying.  We model the exact…

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Har! How to Deal with Book Piracy

Nicholas C. Rossis

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books image:

I saw the other day a post about book piracy in Anastacia Moore’s blog. She was rightly fuming, because, while checking out her video trailers, she noticed that someone was advertising on You Tube a link to receive free copies of said books.

A few days before that, my friend N.N. Light had kindly emailed me to let me know that she had found her book, “Princess of the Light” on a similar website, and that she had seen my work there as well.

Then came the news that Australia’s Copyright Agency has welcomed a decision by the British High Court requiring internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to websites hosting millions of pirated e-book titles. The decision means Britain’s five major ISPs – BT, Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk and EE – will be asked to block seven offshore-hosted websites within 10 working days.

The sites – AvaxHome…

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Ninety-Nine Cent Novelist

How about you? Will you spend more on a book that will give you hours of entertainment than you will on a soda that last a few minutes?

S.K. Nicholls

download (1)

We need to do something about this. I don’t know about you, but most of the time my book is selling; I’m doing a 99 cent promotion.

Not very encouraging when you have two more books being prepared for publication.

Granted, I’ve stepped out of the promotional arena, because the brain energy it takes to produce a novel consumes me. Trust me, that stuff doesn’t come in a bottle.


Well, maybe it does for some.

Recently, I was with a group of people talking about minimum wage jobs.  There was much feedback from young people that were upset because they could not make an adequate wage to meet the cost of living, rent, power, water…never mind, cell phones, internet access, laptops, cars. So, most had two jobs, and that seems to be the status quo.

The old-timers just laughed and talked about paper routes and mowing lawns, working at odd…

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I am going to start posting all of my non-children’s book reviews here instead of my Thanksgiving blog. In fact, my Thanksgiving blog is being phased out. I just don’t have time to read, review, write and post blogs in more than one place.

With that being said, I think you will like the blog post I put up today. It included a commentary on book covers and blurbs, as well as four new book reviews. Check it out here

Tits and Bobs and perfectly passionate poetry

Lots of information here for writers and poets (and a shameless plug for my poetry).

readful things blog

Nope, not a typo.

A couple things to cover. First of all, I can’t stop thanking people for all they have done for me since releasing my book last week. Carmen Stefanescu rocked my world this morning with her awesome and unexpected promo on her site, which you can find here. I hate to admit that I cry, but I did.

Thank you Carmen. Love you.

Also huge thanks to people who left a review on Amazon. I was so excited I nearly peed.

Second, some questions and a few declarations.

I have new respect for all of you indie authors. I have been writing and publishing for years under a couple of different pseudonyms and have always had a publishing house behind me. Even when I put out some previous “indie” novels, I had other people working on promoting and covers and such. I didn’t do it all…

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Poetry for Lovers and Others

I was chatting with my best friend this morning and she asked why I never promote my books. Hmmmm, I think I just hate pushing them all the time. But it has been quite awhile since I’ve talked about them at all so maybe it is time to remind you all that I have three solo books and one joint venture that are available for the nominal fee of $.99 on Amazon. If you prefer paper books, those are available as well. I primarily write poems around love – life wouldn’t be any fun at all if we didn’t have love in our lives. But, as things happen sometimes, love can be unrequited or can turn to loneliness and angst of loss. So, my books and my poems tend to highlight both sides of love.

So, if you haven’t purchased one or more of my books, please do so today. As well, as spreading the word on my poetry. If enough people buy the books, maybe it will wake up my muse who has been in a coma for awhile now. Come on, let’s wake the muse – the books are inexpensive enough that you can buy the book and still have enough left over for Taco Bell. And they make amazing gifts for that special someone.

Dreams of Love

Dreams of Love

My first book, Dreams of Love, illustrates many different forms of poetry. The poems are short and easy to read.


My second book, Love: Lost and Found, highlights a deep, abiding love; it also highlights the despair and longing of a lost love. Again, these are short poems that are easy to read.

Cover 5My third solo book, Love Aflame, is filled with short poems which are easy to read to your lover. These poems make great love notes when you are separated.

VoNMy collaborative book, Voices of Nature, was written with Kirsten and is divided by the four seasons. We were able to use various forms of poetry (which descriptions in the back of the book).