Archive | February 2014

Desire (etheree)

Lips parting
Tongues co-mingling
Fingers dancing ’round
Tracing my lips gently
Moving from neck to shoulder
My breathing accelerating
Your hands demonstrate your devotion
Proving thoughtfulness and sweet tenderness


Tears Fall

Tears fall as thoughts swirl
Tears fall as contemplations whirl

Tears fall as reality makes itself known
Tears fall as emptiness is shown

Tears fall upon hollow hope
Tears fall as I try to just cope

Tears fall in a waterfall of cleansing
Tears fall in silent desperation

Tears fall as I look for relief
Tears fall while I search for peace

Sanity (etheree)

Drama of tragic
Doom, gloom, all about you
Time to look beyond yourself
No one owes you your happiness
Time to take responsibility
For feelings good and bad, returned and not

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