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Weekly Prompt Angst or Longing

My contribution to this week’s Community Storyboard prompt. What are you contributing?

The Community Storyboard

Just out of reach
The passion stays hidden
You belong to her
While our love is forbidden

It doesn’t stop our glances
Or our secret meetings
But we must meet in the shadows
With kisses so fleeting

I know we are soul mates
What we share does ascend
But then she takes a part of you
And I’m left to pretend

I long for the day to come
When we can share the nights
Oh let me show you my love
Don’t tell me it isn’t right

I dream of you in the nighttime
I ache for you in the day
I’m no good at sharing
Come and bed me without delay

Just out of reach
Our love is behind closed doors
You still go home to her
But forever my heart will be yours

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My first attempt at this poetry style. It sounds easier than it was (at least for me)


Love you
More than life.
Nothing can change
How you make me feel
When you whisper my name.
Nibble my ear lobes and neck,
Make me giggle with your soft touch.
Caress my body and I’ll be yours.
I will love you forever and ever.

Opinions Welcomed and Two More Tanka

Here is my last Tanka – I’m going to enter one in the poetry contest over at wePoets Show It

Now, I just need to decide which one to enter. I’d love your opinions. Here are the ones I wrote this week.
and two new ones:


Roll the die, your turn
Chess pieces that move ’round town
Charades and Go Fish
Monopoly, Truth or Dare
You think life is a big game


Why did you leave me
You’ll realize your mistake
Some day you’ll be back
I don’t know if I should wait
But I don’t know where I’d go

Missing You

Missing You

Sadness fills my soul
Melancholy invades me
Loneliness takes hold
Can I ever love again
As grief becomes my best friend