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Hope (spoken word)

This was my contribution to Sunday Poets

Sunday Poets – Call For Poets To Read

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poetry-reading-thumb-500x638-36758Oh my goodness!  What am I doing?  So…

A week or so ago I posted that I wanted to host a Sunday Poetry Reading for each Sunday in June.  A few poets have expressed an interest and, thanks to   ‘Friday Fictioneers’,   I think I’ve discovered a way to make that actually happen 😛

I just opened an account with InLinkz.  Saturday morning I’ll post that poets can begin linking their readings to InLinkz. Here’s how this will work – if it at all works out:

1)  create a poetry reading on your blog.  There are several recording options available from the internet.  I use Audacity…it’s free.  And then there’s the Media Player one.  Both easy to use…I find this works best if I wear a headphone – clearer quality.

2)  on Saturday morning, I’ll post the link on my blog.  It’s a thing with a frog and will…

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A day without you
I miss you when you’re not here
Life is so unfair
We’re meant to be together
I can’t wait until you’re back

A little tanka I wrote for Ionia and Julian as they are forced to be apart again.

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