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Monsters (haiku)

Monsters haiku


Yesterday Road is now just 99 cents

Great books on sale!


yesterday road small-cover

You heard me right. To build up uncontainable excitement for the December 8th release of Town Father in Kindle format, I’ll be running sales on my other two indie titles. From now till the release, you can nab Yesterday Road for 99 cents.

Occasional Soulmates will go on sale for 99 cents on December 3rd.

Meanwhile, you can pre-order Town Father for a neatly affordable $2.99. (Be among the proud, and the few!)

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Reading Recommendations Celebrates 2 Years of Promoting Authors and Their Books!

Congratulations on two years! And look at all those authors!

Reading Recommendations


I’m so thrilled to be able to share this celebration of Reading Recommendations’ 2nd Anniversary with so many of the authors and friends who have made the blog what it is today! Since Nov. 18, 2013, I have been promoting Authors on this blog – more than 250 of you!! – to a readership that is worldwide in scope. What began as a way of getting the word out about a few of us has blossomed into an effective means of increasing awareness of books, authors, reading and writing far beyond what I ever believed to be possible! Thank you to everyone – subscribers, readers, authors, publishers, editors – all of you who have read and/or contributed to this blog in one way or another. Please continue to share the information you find here so that other readers may discover Authors and their Books – Great Reading…

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MOLLY LEE @ 0.99 Cents For a Limited Time!

Molly Lee is a great book (as was Redemption). Now Molly Lee is on sale. Great time to download a great book!

Andrew Joyce

Featured Image -- 1785

An excerpt: 

I took John’s six-shooter out of its holster and shot the son-of-a-bitch in his right knee,blowing the kneecap all to hell and back. That wiped that snake smile from his face.

He fell out of the chair, shrieking in agony. It was music to my ears. As he lay on the floor holding his bloody knee and making all sorts of noise, I collected the cash from the desk and slowly, very slowly, counted it. Yep, it was $10,000.00 alright. By the time I finished counting, he had quieted down just enough to hear what I had to say.

With the cash in one hand and the six-shooter in the other, I left Larimer with these words: “My name is Molly Lee and I want you to remember it for the rest of your miserable life as you hobble about on your crutches. That’s M-O-L-L-Y L-E-E! And Molly…

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Pre-order your Town Father ebook today

I love his other books so this was a no-brainer for me. I’ve pre-ordered mine – you should too.


Front cover small If you’ve been holding out for the ebook edition of Town Father, you can stake your claim right now by pre-ordering. It’ll set you back $2.99 and you’ll have to wait for 28 days or so, but it’s worth the wait.

Alternatively, you could just pop for the paperback right now and have it in your hot little hands in a couple of days.

To be honest, I’m right on the cusp of leaning back toward print books, which is ironic because indie publishing is so geared toward the ebook that there’s almost no way to market anything but. All the promotional sites focus on ebooks, especially for the Kindle, rendering it pretty much fruitless to hunt for inexpensive ways to get a paperback into the hands of eager readers. Let’s face it, the folks who subscribe to email lists of indie books are looking for cheap books…

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