Published Books

I am still in disbelief that I had the courage (that is the polite society word) to actually publish one book. And then I published a second book in collaboration with another poet. Check my books out. The links are on the sidebar of the blog.

Dreams of Love has over 30 poems (with various forms) that all deal with love – the euphoria of falling in love and being in love. It also deals with the angst of unrequited love or difficulties in a relationship.

Voices of Nature has 50 poems, again with many forms, that deal with all things natural – seasons, stars, nature.

Love: Lost and Found is a collection of over 90 poems representing over a dozen different poetry forms. Love can be found and is expressed with feelings of exhilaration and deep abiding devotion. Love can also be lost and those feelings are expressed with angst.

Love Aflame is my latest poetry collection (my third solo collection). I keep learning so much about writing and publishing. This is a perfect collection for lovers. Using various poetic forms, I have been able to pull emotions out of the reader that they aren’t able to express themselves.

I hope you will purchase these books (either on Kindle or paperback) and let me know what you think.


12 thoughts on “Published Books

  1. Hi Pamela, I just purchased the ebook for my Kindle for PC. I can’t wait to read it! Looks great. warmest wishes, Denise

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