Who am I?

I’m not a poet – I’m not even a writer. But a friend has convinced me that I should express myself through poetry. And I found that I enjoy it. (I should amend this to say I’m not a well-known poet. I promised a good friend I would quit saying I wasn’t a poet.) I’m starting to think that I really am a poet. I write poetry and I publish poetry therefore, I’m a poet!

I won’t be one of those who turns out something new every hour, or every day. Just as something inspires me. It truly is good therapy.

I occasionally post my Book Reviews to this blog and have a section for those occasional rants – I promise there won’t be a lot of those. I am an avid reader and post reviews of most of the books I read. For most of my book reviews, you can find those on my other blog where a post many days about the little things that I’m thankful for each day.

I just hope that you can get a wee bit of enjoyment out of my small efforts – if you do, don’t forget to like it so I know. Or better yet, comment – I love the interaction.


19 thoughts on “Who am I?

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  2. Good morning! I purchased “Voices of Nature” and read it. I liked it so very much and I wrote a book review on Amazon and on my author blog. You can review it here on my blog: http://wp.me/p4gFIn-c0

    I will be also putting up this review on my other blog, The Sugar Bee Chronicles.

    Thank you for writing such nice poetry. ~Susan Marie Molloy 🙂

  3. Pamela, I will be posting my review of “Dreams of Love” on my blog (www.susanmariemolloy.com) Tuesday, July 22, 2014. I could hardly wait to post it elsewhere, so it’s also on my GoodReads and Amazon today. I sort of liked it. 😉

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  5. Hi Pamela, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award. Check my blog post if you would like to participate. Congrats! best, Denise

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