Archive | August 2013

It Started with a Look

The way you looked at me
I know you felt it too
It wasn’t just a passing thing
The sparks they flew and flew

Your hand on mine
Electric was the air
I started to talk, but then
You began to play with my hair

Your finger traced my mouth
Eager to explore
Your lips found my lips
Oh, and so much more

I’ve been longing for your touch
Your arms around my waist
This was where I was meant to be
I’ve found solace in your embrace


A Grandma’s First Love


Fat little fingers
Ten perfect toes
Hair like down
And a cute little nose

A tiny blessing in blue
Today a mom was born
Oh, what a special day
It was the birth of Soren

Now four years later
He plays the drums
He plays with trains and cars
And he runs and he jumps

He is my reason to live
My precious little man
The light of this grandma’s life
No one makes me smile like he can

Colorful Menagerie

I posted this last week on the The Community Storyboard.

Tangerine monkeys
Pink frogs
Crimson donkeys
Green dogs

Unicorns run and wallabies leap
A rainbow of colors
Dreams scattered in my sleep

Turquoise elephants
Yellow dolphins
Blue giraffes
Purple penguins

Carousels go round and spin
Giving refuge to
A menagerie of wild things





Looking out across a freshly mowed lawn
Sunrises and sunsets ablaze with color
A doe running in the field with her fawn
Quiet summer nights that are mild 
Followed by a raucous chatter of birds in the morn
The infectious laughter of a child
Reading a new book by candlelight 
Laughing with family and friends
And summer storms through the night
So many things to be thankful for
So many things to enjoy
So many things already and so many more.