Archive | December 2013

New Year’s Eve

A time to reflect
A time to look forward
A time to put the past
Into tiny little boxes in your mind

A time to celebrate
A time to remember
A time to forget
All the sorrow and sadness

Look to the stars
Look to tomorrow
Look at the possibilities
Life has to offer

Happy New Year 2014! 🎉🎉🎉


A Tiny Favor if I may ask

I’ve been trying to write more and more poetry. Some of it is good, some not as much. But I’m learning and trying to do more.

What I would like to do though is increase my readership. May I ask that if you like a particular poem, would you please re-blog it for me? That may get me more eyes and hopefully a few more followers.

I don’t get too worried about how many followers and my stats, but I would like to increase a tiny bit.

So I hope it isn’t inappropriate for me to ask you to give me a hand. Much appreciated. Thank you.

A Lover’s Spat

A lover’s spat
An unnecessary quarrel
A misunderstanding
It’s all part of life

I’m sorry she says
His ego is bruised
But love will prevail
It’s all part of a union

He only wants to help
To pamper her and be around
She isn’t used to this treatment
It’s all part of a relationship

A small disagreement
Nothing really wrong
Tomorrow will be better
It’s all part of love

Season Finale

A season depends on so many things
Every game is important
The talent everyone brings

But then there comes a time
When fate intervenes
And your season is final.

You gave it your all
It just wasn’t enough
There’s always next fall

Separate Ways

Tears trickle down my cheek
As you turn and walk away.
The memories I will keep
Forever in all my days.

My one sided love affair
Became my whole life.
But you seem not to care
About my stress and my strife.

Goodbyes don’t come without pain
With feet mired as in clay,
As we struggle to break the chain
And go our separate ways.

I weep for what could have been
But know you cannot give me more.
My tears must remain within
As you walk out the door.

I Saw You Yesterday

I saw you yesterday
Remembering your touch
I saw you yesterday
Wanting you so much

I saw you yesterday
For the briefest of time
I saw you yesterday
Wishing you were mine

I saw you yesterday
Longing for your arms around me
I saw you yesterday
Knowing it would never be ‘we’

I saw you yesterday
Wondering what could have been
I saw you yesterday
Did you feel anything then?

I saw you yesterday
My love awake and alive
I saw you yesterday
Will I ever be able to say goodbye?