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The Year Long Story, Sentence #17

Come on folks – this is only fun if we all join in – just one sentence. If I can come up with a sentence, surely you can

line by line

Pamela Beckford

Dorgon and I go way back, back before he was anything but amazing.

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I’ve completed my task
I’ve reached my goal
A new project awaits
A piece of the whole

I’m not leaving for good
Just taking a break
Consulting the muse
While nibbling a cupcake

Well, I did it. Thanks to Linda, I actually pushed myself to write something every single day in January. Some days it wasn’t easy, but I stuck with it. I think I will go back to writing when I feel inspired instead of forcing it for awhile. Plus, I have some personal projects in the pipeline that I need to spend some time working on. Thank you for bearing with me this month as I stretched my wings.


Anger bubbles and boils
It slithers into the soul
Like a snake as it uncoils
And drags me down into a hole

Then maturity takes the reins
And puts anger back in its box.
The words spoken cause pain
Like sticks, stones and rocks

Anger has no place
If tolerance can increase
Let’s try to make the case
For understanding and peace

The World Will Stop Turning

Can you feel the heartache?

Julian Froment's Blog

JaguarPoetry of sorts – because I am out of sorts, preparing sadly and badly for a flight to the UK. Dedicated as always to the love of my life and future wife, Ionia.

In a few short hours

My world will stop turning

This separation of ours

This heart filled with yearning


I know it will not last

I know there’ll be an end

Eventually this will pass

Our life as we intend


Still, it does not stop the hurt

It does not stop the pain

Even though we have

Everything to gain


Finally together

No longer forced apart

Always and forever

One single heart


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