Trick or Treat

I wrote a double tanka tonight after passing out bookmarks at our city’s Boo in Bluffton night. The kids surprised me with their enthusiasm about getting bookmarks instead of candy. That, of course, made me happy. For more on Halloween (and pictures), visit my other blog here

Trick or Treat

Queen of hearts, minions,
Werewolves, ninjas, scary clowns,
Princesses and Pooh
Grim Reapers, even The Hulk,
But not a ghost to be found

The Incredibles,
Even a trio of skunks
Monsters, even Darth Vader
Halloween costumes galore
Children begging for candy

But where were the ghosts?


6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

    • Now you’re making me feel old. I wore a sheet one year. Another year I had bandages wrapped around my entire body—authentic mummy (was fun until it started to unravel and until I realized I would be holding off on an urgent bathroom break for hours).

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