For Michael…

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Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

For Michael…

Shots fired
A young boy
The decision given
Hearts broken
Souls rendered
Deep in pain
The crowd protests
Fires rage
Emotions are high
When will 
Copyright © 2014 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie
*NOTE: Regardless of how you feel about the decision regarding the shooting of Michael Brown, a young man died needlessly at the hands of someone sworn to protect and defend.  This is the tip of the iceberg nation wide … things must change.

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Peace Lily by Alex Martin Book Review

Book Description on Amazon:

Peace Lily is the sequel to DAFFODILS and book two of the ‘Katherine Wheel’ series.
After the appalling losses suffered during World War One, three of its survivors long for peace, unaware that its aftermath will bring different, but still daunting, challenges.
Katy trained as a mechanic during the war and cannot bear to return to the life of drudgery she left behind. A trip to America provides the dream ticket she has always craved and an opportunity to escape the strait-jacket of her working class roots. She jumps at the chance, little realising that it will change her life forever, but not in the way she’d hoped.
Jem lost not only an arm in the war, but also his livelihood, and with it, his self esteem. How can he keep restless Katy at home and provide for his wife? He puts his life at risk a second time, attempting to secure their future and prove his love for her.
Cassandra has fallen deeply in love with Douglas Flintock, an American officer she met while driving ambulances at the Front. How can she persuade this modern American to adapt to her English country way of life, and all the duties that come with inheriting Cheadle Manor? When Douglas returns to Boston, unsure of his feelings, Cassandra crosses the ocean, determined to lure him back.
As they each try to carve out new lives, their struggles impact on each other in unforeseen ways.

My Review:

Five out of Five Stars

Even though this was the second book in a series, it can certainly be read as a standalone book. Katy Phipps and Cass Smythe come from two very different worlds but show how their worlds have collided. The journey of the two girls through the war in Daffodils shows how they are alike and how they are different. The war changed so many things and so many things were left unchanged. But Katy accompanies Cassandra across the ocean for a trip to Boston. The story details their adventures of love and friendship in Boston. But when things go very wrong and Katy returns early, Jem, Katy’s husband, stands by her for all time. Katy wants to dream of a better life but seems to always have roadblocks thrown in front of her.

Martin’s character development and descriptions bring these families to life. I felt myself cheering for their successes and crying for their setbacks.

While there wasn’t nearly the historical references in Peace Lily, I recommend this book for anyone looking for an enjoyable read. I’m hoping that there will be another book in the series and Martin has left that door open.

Changelings Into the Mist by Katie Sullivan Book Review

From Goodreads description:  They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them.

Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew are lost in time. To find a way home, they must curry favor with pirates, dodge a revolution, and defy a king out of Ireland’s deepest legends.

They are Changelings, and they have magic in their blood – magic, which will rekindle a centuries-old war that threatens to tear the very fabric of time.

My Review:

Five out of Five Stars

Katie Sullivan’s debut novel is a roaring success and I look forward to reading more of her work. I have enjoyed D/A Dialogues (the blog between the Druid and the Author) and the actual book featuring D was even better.

I devoured this book in a day and a half – it was too good to put down. The story was interesting and engaging. But the characters were amazing. I felt like I was traveling along with Sean and Maureen. I saw what they saw and felt what they felt. I hated when the book ended (although I’m thrilled to know there is a sequel next year). The last few chapters I couldn’t read fast enough because I wanted to know how it was going to end, but when I was done I felt sad that it was over.

I won’t go into the particulars of the story, but Sean and Maureen definitely go on adventures of a time travel sort and meet Dubh along the way. As they enter into other times and worlds, there is a balance between wanting to change history and not changing history.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great adventure. It is suitable for all audiences (which is a huge bonus). While teens would enjoy this book, it appealed to me as an adult as well.

On The Shelf (triple tanka)

Lonely on the shelf 
Like a doll waiting for play.
No one to talk to
Whilst you go about your day.
I’m set aside, forgotten. 

But I’ll be right here
Waiting until you return. 
Nothing is different 
Your needs come first. Mine second. 
I’ll wait for your arrival. 

Lonely on the shelf
Where you’ve hidden me away
I sit patiently 
At least for now I will wait
Someday you’ll find the shelf cold. 

Read Tuesday will Launch with Thunder

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Read Tuesday is a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers on December 9, 2014.

Authors can participate for free. Signing up and participating is easy.

Readers and gift-givers just need to browse the Read Tuesday catalog in early December. Find the books you like here, but buy them at Amazon or Smashwords like normal. Except for saving big, of course.

To help spread the news, we have a ThunderClap promotion scheduled for the morning of December 9.

Our ThunderClap currently has a social reach of over 300,000 through 100 supporters (thank you, everyone), with 18 days left to improve these numbers. We have our sights set on a million, and we’re nearly one-third the way there.

What the ThunderClap does is announce the big Read Tuesday sale by synchronizing posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. It’s easy to add your support (see below).

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Life Lines

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Life Lines: Poems from a Reflection

A collection of fifty-two poems of life, love and inspiration.

There are joys for which we cannot find expression, moments that have a depth of emotion that can only be shared in images. It is here that poetry comes into its own, for the pictures we paint with words can conjure all the emotions of the human heart. From solitude to passion, from aspiration to the quest for the soul’s inner light, we seek to find ways to share our journey through life, to witness our footsteps as we pass through its shifting sands and cast a reflection on time itself. The poet is both mirror and reflection, framing the images of a human life and giving them a beating heart.

Available from Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle.

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Book Review: All Hallows at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray

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Coming of age at the Ethel Harpst Home, an orphanage in the North Georgia Mountains, when I first read Jane Eyre at fourteen, my primary focus on that book by Charlotte Bronte was Jane Eyre’s life. Her trials and tribulations facing loss and the strengths she relied on to see her through.

In April of this year, at age fifty-three, I chanced to read it again. I was visiting the cabin in North Carolina. It was raining all week, damp and cold in the mountains. I kept a big fire in the huge stone fireplace in the central room of the cabin and I planted myself in front of the hearth all week and read the book again.

My second reading of Jane Eyre was much different than my first. I saw the relationships between the characters having been through so many life changes myself. The rich and lofty descriptions…

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