Today it begins. I really hope this helps me get out of my slump. They may not all be prize winning poems, but writing daily will most assuredly get my head back in the game. I will be writing every day throughout the month, but I will not be posting every poem (gotta save a bunch for the new book). I’m also working on a new project. If it works out, I will share with you later.

TODAY!!!! It’s LIVE.

Pamela Beckford:

This was delivered to my Kindle this morning. Check out this review http://readfulthingsblog.com/2014/09/30/backpacks-and-bra-straps-by-savannah-grace/

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TODAY!!!! It’s LIVE. “Backpacks and Bra Straps” is now available to purchase and READ!!! You can READ it today. Wahhoieiii. Right now!!!!
PHOTO: Sun rising over Mt. Everest in Nepal. A true triumph!!


Thank you so much to everyone who has participated, helped out and joined the ride. I will be announcing the WINNER of the “final word count” competition shortly!!!
PHOTO: Sun rising over Mt. Everest in Nepal. A true triumph!!

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Cyberbullies, Trolls, Mobs & Haters—How to Protect Yourself & Others in a Dangerous World

Pamela Beckford:

I can’t add anything to this. Just read it

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Image via "The Terminator."

Image via “The Terminator.”

As the WANA Mama, I am fiercely protective of my writer peeps…like Giant Kodiak Mother Bear Protective. I will and have gone to the mattresses for fellow writers who’ve found themselves under senseless attack.

Yet, as a counterpoint, I choose my battles. I love Sun Tzu, and have read his Art of War until the pages were falling out. When it comes to dealing with a formidable enemy, Sun Tzu is the master tactician. One of my favorite quotes?

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. ~Sun Tzu

A few days ago Psychology Today posted an article I found interesting in that 1) this article gives data to support what we all know deep down but 2) don’t want to believe. We know there is something different about trolls. They exhibit what is called The Dark Tetrad Personality—Machiavellianism, narcissism, sadism, and…

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New Book Cover

I think I actually did something wrong when I changed the book cover because it took my original and left it on Amazon (I have since unpublished it). But it kept my reviews so I don’t know what happened. I’m also not sure why there is white space around the edges, because there isn’t on my paperback version (at least I don’t think there is). I’m still learning. Actually, this is why it is just better to pay for a cover designer.

When I originally published back in February, I used a cover provided by KDP – but then when I decided to do a paperback on Createspace, I couldn’t find the same cover. So all this time I have had two different covers which may not really be confusing to anyone but me. So I decided it was time to create a cover that I could use for both versions.

I’m waiting on a proof for the paperback version before I actually say it is okay. But, the bottom line is I have a new cover and the Kindle version is still live. Now to change it everywhere I have it. If you haven’t purchased it yet, now would be a great time to do that. And tell me in the comments what you think of the new cover (be kind, this is my first attempt at cover design all by myself – obviously I’m not a graphic designer).

Occasional Soulmates — hot off the presses!

Pamela Beckford:

My review of Occasional Soulmates will be posted later today on my Year Round Thanksgiving blog. But I can tell you now that it was very good – read it!

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Occasional Soulmates is live, baby!

Get your ebook here ($3.99).

Get your paperback here (currently $8.99, regularly $9.99).

And don’t forget, for a little while longer, Yesterday Road is available for 99 cents. That means you can buy both Yesterday Road and Occasional Soulmates for under $5!

Here’s the UK listing, and here’s Amazon Canada. The rest of the world will have to do their own legwork.

Oh, and for you Nook and Kobo users, as I announced earlier, if you don’t want to buy the paperback, just purchase the ebook on Amazon and send your receipt to me at kevinbrennan520(at)gmail(dot)com. I will forward you a lovely EPUB edition you can read on your device.

Indie authors, as you well know, depend on the kindness of strangers (and even the not-so-strange) to help peddle their wares, so anything you can do to get some word-of-mouth going will…

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Stars Above (alouette)

Taken from Voices of Nature, this is an alouette. An alouette is a 5-5-7-5-5-7 and repeated with an Aabccb rhyming pattern.


Stars Above (alouette)

Starry nights shine bright
Thousands of wee lights
Constellations light the sky
Darkness shows contrast
While clouds have gone past
Suspended in time up high

Pisces and Leo
Taurus and Virgo
Constellations light the sky
Libra, Pegasus
Worlds of tiny lights float by