How to Write a Book Review.

Pamela Beckford:

I try and review most books I read with more than just stars. Wouldn’t it be nice if every reader took a few minutes and did the same

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How to Write a Book Review

One of my Mottos here at Lit World Interviews is ‘Read a Book, Write a Review’. Nice idea, huh? How do you write a review? Scary thought, isn’t it?

Trust me, it wasn’t easy my first time, and not my best. I was afraid I would say something wrong and perhaps dissuade someone from buying a book.

You’ve heard people talk about the KISS method of things. Keep it Simple Sweetie. For me I at times like to say Keep it Short Stupid, but stupid is like a profanity word around here and it really isn’t a nice word, but I was using it for myself. My having just explained all of that shows you WHY I use that definition at times, right?

Let’s give Keep it Simple Sweetie a shot.

But first;

Why Should You Write a Review?

The more reviews a…

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Writing Process

I have no idea what other people do when they are writing. But this is my process.

I am always scribbling down phrases that I think I can build a poem around. And by scribbling, I mean I put it in my phone or iPad.

Then I put those notes into a notebook on Evernote. Or if I’m inspired at that moment I create a poem or the start of a poem.

The problem is that I have all kinds of phrases and words in that notebook of unfinished work. And I forget about them. I really need to drag them all out again. Let them roll around in my head. See what germinates. Maybe nothing. But maybe something really good.

Unfortunately, my tendency is to just pull something new out and write it.

What do you do? Do you keep notes and go back and work on them? Or are they getting dusty and lonely?

On a bright note, I found some quiet time today to write and came up with half a dozen poems.

Read Tuesday: Now Accepting Books for 2014

Pamela Beckford:

Come on. Support Read Tuesday with a Thunderclap. And if you’re an author, consider signing up for Read Tuesday.

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Fourth Quarter Pic


The time has come,

A wonderful day,

For those who love books,

called Read Tuesday.

Like Black Friday,

But not for television;

Give the gift of reading

This holiday season.


Read Tuesday is now accepting submissions for:

  • Kindle Countdown Deals that include Tuesday, December 9, 2014. (Please try it out and verify that dates are possible before you sign up.)
  • Temporary Kindle price reductions that include Tuesday, December 9, 2014. (Please try it out and verify that the lower price is possible before you sign up.)
  • It’s okay to start early and end late. This might be to your advantage.

Listing on Read Tuesday is FREE.

Sign up by clicking here. This will take you to a one-page Google Docs form to complete. If you have any trouble with the form, please use the Contact Us button on the Read Tuesday website.

More opportunities…

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Q&A Luccia Gray All Hallows at Eyre Hall @LucciaGray

Pamela Beckford:

I have not read this yet, but what a lovely interview of an author.

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all_hallows_at_eyre_hall_cover.jpgAll Hallows at Eyre Hall

Luccia Gray

“All Hallows is believable and well-written, true to the “voice” of Brontë, and well-researched. In fact, at times I thought Charlotte Brontë was writing this; that is how fabulous a writer Luccia Gray is. This is not to say that she is a copy-cat writer. No, the author understands and “gets” the flavor, feel, and construction of Brontë’s work – an honor to a classic author, and thus, that is how sequels should be written. Bravo!

Luccia Gray is a beautifully descriptive writer. I sensed a need to don my wool cape when she wrote: “ . . . the horizon is grey, the air smells of damp weeds, and the wind is cold and furious . . .” I felt the almost imperceptible warmth on my face when “ . . . the sun . . . was suddenly visible, pale and…

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Help Launch Read Tuesday with THUNDER

Pamela Beckford:

Perfect event for readers everywhere – and for authors. Lend your support with this Thunderclap – doesn’t cost you a thing. Help spread the word

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Lightning from NASA 2

Image from NASA


Read Tuesday—a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers—now has a Thunderclap promotion underway.

The idea behind the Thunderclap is create hundreds of simultaneous posts on the morning of Read Tuesday (December 9, 2014) to help spread awareness on the morning of the event.

You can help announce Read Tuesday with thunder. It’s easy:

  • Visit
  • Click Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr and sign in.
  • Customize the message. (Optional.)
  • Agree to the terms. All that will happen is that the Thunderclap post about Read Tuesday will go out the morning of December 9.

When I first supported a Thunderclap for an author, I had been a little nervous when it asked me to confirm. It turns out I had worried over nothing. The only thing you’re agreeing to do is to have a single message go out on your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr on…

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