Book Sales

I vowed I was not going to check my book sales on a daily or multi daily basis. And I’ve been pretty good about sticking with that.

I know that poetry isn’t always as valued as a novel may be either.

Today I saw another author who had mentioned that he had sold less than 100 books – and he has published two so far with another on its way. That got me started thinking about my book sales. I don’t really have a comparison to know whether my book sales are going good or not. And certainly no poetry books to compare myself to. But at least now I have a fiction writer to compare myself against. Even though it is an oranges and grapes thing.

I added up all my book sales – 3 books, both in paperback and Kindle. And I actually totaled just over 100 books sold since February. Plus all the free copies during my giveaway.

I think that isn’t too bad really. Of course, my newest book has stalled completely. Is it because it is summer? Is it because I quit hounding people about it? Is it because it is poetry? Too long? Too short?

That’s the problem, we really don’t know why books aren’t selling or why they are. All I know is that I keep writing and I will keep publishing. I learn something new all the time and I am convinced that I am getting better. I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump this summer, but I know that is not a permanent condition and I am putting together an amazing collection of poetry again.

I also know that since I’ve learned quite a bit, I’m going to design a cover for Dreams of Love. Currently, it has a stock photo that Kindle made available and it doesn’t match the paperback cover. That bothers me so I want a completely different cover and I have exactly what I want in my mind. I just need to figure out how to do it so I don’t have to pay anyone. I will conquer photoshop.

So, if you haven’t bought any of my books yet, you should do that. Come on, they are only 99 cents each on Kindle.

Dear John

A fun little cinquain. A cinquain follows 2-4-6-8-2.

Dear John:
It’s not working
I gave – you took – I lose
Sounds like a perfect match…for you

The Shadow by Avery Martin

I wanted to repost this poem that I posted a few months ago. It was written by my young friend, Avery. He is 8 years old and he won the national junior poet competition at his school with this. I think he has quite a writing future ahead of him. I’m very pleased to present this poem by Avery.

My shadow has a human
It doesn’t grow or stretch
My human is kinda boring
He won’t even play fetch.

My shadow has a human
That seems to follow me
Wherever I go
That human seems to be

I grow taller as the day wears on
But the human doesn’t change
He claims that I follow him
But I think that’s just strange

Everyone knows that shadows
have always been here
Before people roamed the earth
Shadows were still near

We could take the shape
Of a flower or a tree
We could walk alongside
A t-Rex or a bee

My shadow has a human
And I guess he wants to fight
He turned around and glared at me
And then turned out the light

Shadows they fear nothing,
Not even big kids at the park
Nope. Not afraid of anything…
Except maybe the dark.

P.S. Avery’s mum has a birthday today and I know that Ionia will be busting her buttons to see Avery’s poem again. Happy Birthday mum Ionia!

His and Hers

Her Kisses
Soft as white billowy clouds
Sweet as cotton candy
Gentle as baby lambs
Light as ocean breezes

His Kisses
Spicy as cinnamon and cardamom
Sizzle with unbridled passion
Eager as new found love
Desirous and filled with lust

Her Kisses
Warm as a summer’s night

His kisses
Hot as a winter’s fire

Nestled in Your Arms (tanka)

The Tanka is one of my favorite poetry forms. Getting just the right feeling with limited syllables can be challenging. The tanka follows the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count.

Nestled in your arms (tanka)

Nestled in your arms
Your slow hot breaths warm my neck
Spooning all night long
Nibbles on my ears delight 
This is where I want to be