Measure twice, cut once

Are you an author? You need to hire an editor to make your book even better. Check this out.


You’ve heard it before, and it’s true: Every writer needs an editor. You can read your book only so many times before your eyes glaze over and you become blind to your own flaws. Heck, some of us are blind to our own flaws from the git-go, so we need an editor even more than the average Joe and Josephine.

I established Indie-Scribable earlier this year as a way of offering professional editorial services to writers on limited budgets. The problem is, so many indies publish their work without paying sufficient attention to the details, and this results in books confetti’d with errors. This, in turn, gives self-published books a bad name in the eyes of the reading public. It’s not good for readers or writers, and the solution is landing on an editor who understands the business of indie publishing.

At the risk of letting this first post of…

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