What Goes into Choosing a Book to Read?

I would love to tell you that I only choose the very best books – all based on the blurb provided. But that wouldn’t be honest. Sure, the blurb has to appeal to me. Don’t discount the blurb yet though.

BUT, the first thing is that the book cover has to catch my eye so I will even look at the blurb. Does it look professionally done? Or is it cartoonish or amateurish?

THEN, the title has to catch my attention. Does it sound intriguing? Interesting? Boring? Childish?

FINALLY, the book blurb has to grab me. Does it sound like the type of book I normally read? Will I be able to put the book down? Will the characters inhabit my head? Will I even like the characters?

Reviews are the life blood of authors and I try and review every book (or nearly every) I read. But the thing is, I may only glance at the star ratings – what is the aggregate star rating? I don’t actually read the other reviews before I read the book. I don’t want someone else’s opinion to influence and color my reaction to the book. Once I have read the book and written a review, then I look at the other ratings to see how other people felt about the book.

I used to do more detailed book reviews and have quit. In fact, I have been pretty bad about my reviews lately. I would much rather spend my time reading new books than writing reviews.



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