Children’s Book Review Bonanza

You know how much I love children’s picture books. Here are a few I have just received that I wanted to review.

Friendshape by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld

3 stars

I was hoping that this would be a book about friends with some emphasis on the shapes as characters. It wasn’t. It was, however, a clever collection of things friends do for each other. I can use the book to explain about each of the shapes though as I read through it. I think it could have been better though.


Misty Zebracorn by Russ Towne, illustrated by Jessica Catarino

5 stars

A cute story about a zebra/unicorn at the beach. I love the rhyming and the illustrations. Just one more book by Russ Towne for children that is delightful to read and provides ample opportunities for a picture walk.


T-Bone’s Traveling Circus by Janice Virant

5 stars

Great story – easy to read – cadence of the rhyming phrases is just delightful – illustrations are captivating. Charming read for young children.


Too Many Tables by Abraham Schroeder, illustrated by Micah Monkey

5 stars

I read this book to a preschool classroom. The children were engaged and loved looking at all of the tables (especially the table with roller skates!). The ending fell a bit flat for them because they couldn’t follow the concept through – I would expect that a little older child would be able to see a broader picture though.


Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies by Russ Towne and Josh Friedman, illustrated by Christina Cartwright

5 stars

What a clever tale about a boy dressed up in a Purple Fox costume for Halloween. The rhyming cadence was a little off in a couple of places, but mostly the story was cute and clever with great illustrations.


The Peddler’s Bed by Lauri Fortino, illustrated by Bong Redila

4 stars

Charming story of kindness. It shows that sometimes what we want most is right under our nose (pun intended). Beautifully illustrated. It gives the opportunity to explain new words to children (like peddler).


Flight of the Last Dragon by Robert Burleigh, illustrated by Mary GrandPre`

5 stars

The rhyme is easy to read, the illustrations are beautiful. The story explains the stars in the sky (at least one of them), but is still a little on the sad side.


10 thoughts on “Children’s Book Review Bonanza

  1. Thanks for posting these. I’m always on the lookout for grandkids books. There’s a cute little app I found for iPad called “Rocket Learns to Read”. The two year old loves the captivating story of a dog who who gets motivated by a little bird teacher to learn his abcs and words. The she has to fly south for the winter while he practices. Only one problem, for him, not me, it makes him fall asleep. Works like a charm every time. If I ask him to come read Rocket, he starts screaming, because he knows it’s nap time.

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