Christmas Grotto – The books of Bette A. Stevens

Bette is a wonderful author and such an advocate for children reading. It was a delight to use her book for our video project.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Bette A. Stevens—a writer inspired by nature and human natureBAS Author logo stamp 2015

Thanks so much for inviting me to join the Christmas Grotto, Sally.
Wishing you and your readers the “Very Happiest of Holidays”!

I’m a writer who loves people, nature, art, music and literature.

I advocate for kids and families, childhood literacy and for the protection of monarch butterflies and their threatened habitat in my books, poetry and on my blog. My blog supports Indie and traditional authors, features great books and poetry collections and provides tips for writers and readers as well. I also interview authors and support my author and reader friends on my blog and media sites. — Bette A. Stevens

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