POETRY: a chance for Poets to get Exposure for their Poems

Great opportunity for poets


Images from ShutterStock. Images from ShutterStock.


Attention poets: I have an opportunity to help promote some of your poetry.

Marketing poems isn’t easy. I see several wonderful poetry blogs here at WordPress (I follow many of them).

I have an idea that may help a little. Any help is better than no help, right?

Here is my idea:

  • I want to create an educational page on Read Tuesday, designed to illustrate the wide variety of poems that poets write.
  • The page will consist of a wide array of terminology for different kinds of poems and features of poems, such as limericks, haiku, or iambic pentameter.
  • I would list the term, describe what the term means, and provide links to examples of poems that illustrate that term.
  • What I need are examples of poems that illustrate the different kinds of poems that a poet could write.
  • I won’t copy your poem…

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