Island in the Clouds – Where in the World??

Great idea – and if you haven’t gotten Island in the Clouds yet, what a perfect time for you to order it.

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I know many readers have already bought, downloaded, and read/are reading/or are about to read the eBook of my new novel, Island in the Clouds. I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart!

I was just thinking though that, knowing how far-flung my friends and readers are, it might be fun to see exactly where in the world my novel is being read, and by whom. So I’m asking that you send me a picture of whatever device you’re reading on – whether it be an eReader or your computer – with either the cover showing or the title page or a page of text, and the setting where you’re reading it visible in the background. So whether it’s a local coffee shop or restaurant, the beach (or, if you’re in Toronto, The Beach!), your verandah or boat, your office or living room or bedroom, garden…

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