Ebooks and Digital Devices

Do you use an eReader? I do and love the ease and convenience. You can start with Paul’s books (and mine, of course). I have a Kindle and find that I’m able to read much more than I ever did when I was only reading paper books. Expense was a factor. But I ALWAYS have my Kindle in my purse.

Hi friends and visitors,

COM Samsung Tab sampleA couple of people have asked me about eBooks and the availability of my book. It’s easy to assume most people are familiar with eBooks, but the reality is, many people are yet to experiment with them. So, with this in mind, I thought I would share some relevant information for the benefit of my customers.

Some important facts:

1. You don’t need a special device to read an eBook. You can download a free app on a PC, MAC, Tablet, iPad, Smartphone and even on consoles. The apps or programs are freely available and function exactly as a Kindle does.

2. eBooks have lots of benefits including, the ability to store multiple books on one device, book marking to save your place, highlighting text for later reference, linking straight to external resources, linking straight to writing reviews or the websites of publishers and authors, just…

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