Penelope – Countess of Arcadia Sneak Peek Part Two

Mental Defecation

You know that feeling you get when your favorite author asks you if you’d like to host a story of theirs on your blog? Well, I didn’t either until this morning. Hint: it feels amazing. I might have smoked a cigarette afterwards if I, you know, smoked.

Helena Hann-Basquiat, dilettante, asked me if I’d like to host a part of her new Shakespeare-styled story and the word ‘yes’ exploded from me like the finale of a 4th of July fireworks extravaganza. If you aren’t familiar with Helena you are in for a treat.

I command thee to read the first part of this story before continuing here. I also command thee to click Helena’s follow button while you’re over there. She get’s a little thrill each time someone touches her button. You may even enjoy it, too.

Thank you, Helena, for once again sharing your superior prose on this…

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