Penelope – Countess of Arcadia – Sneak Peek Part One

dilettante factory

Today I give you a special treat, darlings… as promised, I was writing something truly special, dipping my delicate dilettante digits into yet another medium — this time, a Shakespearean style play, for reasons that should be obvious, or if they be not, will soon become clear. 2015 began with what can only be properly described as villainy in our lives, and the villain in question provoked my wrath, inspiring a literary retribution of Shakespearean proportions… So, sit back, and grab your playbill as I present to you a first look at my new book, which I’m releasing concurrently with Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two, and will available for pre-order soon.



Penny had been crying for three hours straight, and I knew well enough to let her be. Penny isn’t the type to cry unless her heart is truly broken. The fact that this is the second time…

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