Balding by now

I swear I will be bald soon with all the hair pulling I have been doing. This is the biggest pitfall of trying to do it all yourself.

First, I formatted my poems. That wasn’t too bad.

Second, I created my cover by myself. I do some of that kind of stuff at work so it wasn’t too traumatic.

Third, the stupid Table of Contents gives me fits every single time. But I finally got it (I hope)

Fourth, numbering the pages – I swear I am not skipping a step but I just can’t get the pages numbered without numbering the title pages and TOC pages. I have started and stopped and redone and tried it over and over again. I finally pulled up the directions in the help menu and followed step by step reading them out loud. Still nothing. I am beyond frustrated. And pulling my hair out.

I will be bald soon at this rate. And my book may never get published. I’ve gone beyond throwing things and hair pulling and moved into tears (it isn’t helping by the way).

Bottom line, my blog tour blast will be delayed because I won’t have my book published in time. GRRRRRRRRRRRR


9 thoughts on “Balding by now

  1. That’s always a pain. Sometimes it runs smoothly and other times it doesn’t. Not sure how to keep the Table of Contents out of it, but I know there’s a way to get the title back out of the listing.

  2. I once spent four hours trying to fix this problem, and every time i get it fixed, i think – okay, next time i know how to avoid this– but invariably, i still run into this issue nearly every time. Good luck. Take a bresk and cone back to it.

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