The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Author Nicholas C. Rossis

Great interview with Nicholas Rossis

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the new series of the Sunday Show. Over the next few weeks my guests will be talking about their work and also sharing some personal reflections on Defining Moments in their lives.

Most of us begin our journey in life with a rough map drawn up of where we want to be at various stages along the way and also what we hope to have accomplished. Of course much will depend on circumstances and events that happen to us but also there is an element of luck or perhaps fate in the eventual outcome.

Today my guest is an author and blogger with a wide ranging audience who appreciate his posts on writing and publishing as well as advice on marketing our books. Nicholas C. Rossis is the author of the epic fantasy series ‘Pearseus’ and a science fiction short story collection, the ‘Power of Six’

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