A Gift that Creates 2 Smiles: Buying Indie

Legends of Windemere

I’m not going to pimp out my own books here.  I do that enough on Twitter and I have the store page.  Here I’m pimping out EVERYONE’S books!

It doesn’t matter what genre you’re into because there are indie authors in every corner of the spectrum.  From children’s literature to love poetry to fantasy and beyond, you can find an indie without trying very hard.  So think about giving a gift of an indie book to friend or family member or even somebody you barely know that you think could use a good read.  Your special someone gets an exciting new adventure and that author ends 2014 with a smile that makes them believe all of the trials of the year were worth it.  Double your karma, double the happiness you spread, and see what the indie world has to offer.  You never know if you’ll be reading the next…

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