MY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS (PART I): Poetry by Pamela Beckford

What a surprise to see this post by Susan. I’m humbled.

Life in the Oasis

Over the next few days, I will be recommending several fabulous books that I read this year and that I believe you will like, too.  These books will make absolutely thoughtful gifts also, and I invite you to follow my links below to read my reviews in their entirety.

Today I am showcasing three of Pamela Beckford’s poetry books.  She is a writer who beautifully articulates what love is.

The first, “Dreams of Love,” is a superb collection of thirty-one poems that not only touches upon the varying facets of a relationship, but is also a powerful timeline of the changeable levels of growth in a relationship. Simply put, “Dreams” can be read in no particular order as stand-alone poems; conversely, if read in order, it presents a love story.  Follow this link to read my full book review —-> DREAMS OF LOVE By Pamela Beckford.

In the other, “Love:…

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