Books, Reading and Blogs

Let’s start this with blogs. I read a fairly high number of blogs. And I read them mostly on my phone. Today’s pet peeve is for those of you who don’t have mobile sites set up. WP makes it really easy. As soon as I open up a blog and it is in such a tiny print that I can’t possibly read it, I just go on. You may have the wittiest and most clever blog out there, but I missed it because you don’t have a mobile site. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like that about the mobile sites. I haven’t looked at a recent study, but know that the percentage of people using their phones for web based activities is incredibly high. So, get with it, increase your reach – go mobile – please.

I understand that November is usually a slower month for book sales. I wonder why that is. Don’t people still read in November? Are they reading books that they bought in earlier months? I’m flummoxed. I read year round and at generally the same pace so I buy books all the time – when they come out. So help me out here, dear readers. Do you not buy books in the fall?

Since I’m talking about buying books, now is a good time to promote my own books. They are all poetry books for those who don’t normally read poetry. And each book has poems that are not available on my blog. Support an indie author – they are each only $.99 for the kindle version and $7.19-$7.99 for the paperback version. Check out the reviews (and if you have read it, please leave a review too).


8 thoughts on “Books, Reading and Blogs

  1. November tends to be slow for all things sales. It’s because people are saving up for the Christmas sales. Same thing happened when I worked retail. As for the mobile site, doesn’t WordPress do that automatically when you look at it through your phone?

    • My former career was in retail management – November wasn’t that much slower – especially now with all the holiday push so early – depends on the retail outlet though and what is being sold. But I still think that people read year round so I don’t understand why book sales are slow for authors. We aren’t talking big ticket items – we are talking $2.99 generally

      • It’s also possible that people have collected big ‘To Be Read’ lists and they use November to catch up. That way they clear space on their schedule for the December debuts. I remember being confused on the sudden stop that happened in November last year, but I was told that it’s simply the way it is. Though this year has had a lot of slow patches for some reason.

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