Writing Process

I have no idea what other people do when they are writing. But this is my process.

I am always scribbling down phrases that I think I can build a poem around. And by scribbling, I mean I put it in my phone or iPad.

Then I put those notes into a notebook on Evernote. Or if I’m inspired at that moment I create a poem or the start of a poem.

The problem is that I have all kinds of phrases and words in that notebook of unfinished work. And I forget about them. I really need to drag them all out again. Let them roll around in my head. See what germinates. Maybe nothing. But maybe something really good.

Unfortunately, my tendency is to just pull something new out and write it.

What do you do? Do you keep notes and go back and work on them? Or are they getting dusty and lonely?

On a bright note, I found some quiet time today to write and came up with half a dozen poems.


6 thoughts on “Writing Process

  1. I have pages of notes, and I have several files of notes. I feel like I have to write it down while the idea is fresh. The trick is organizing them and figuring out how to best make use of them.

  2. I do a lot of outlines and fill out notebooks. It helps me focus and work quickly through the first draft of a book. In some ways, it acts like my first draft. You ever think of a doing a poem or work about the unfinished, ‘lonely’ phrases?

  3. I have files and files of word.docs. Scrivener holds most of my projects because I can store research articles, maps, and other refernce material there, as well as keep my outline cards handy.

  4. I write notes on paper and I too have lots of them waiting for me to brush the dust away. I have the same problem of getting back to them, to bring them to life. In my mind I keep telling myself that I will get to them. Reading this could be just the boost I need.

  5. I’m like you! I jot down phrases or words and then build poems around them. I forget about them, but seem to find them exactly when I have a poem that needs that phrase or word. Whooo hoo to the half a dozen poems!!! I cant’ wait to read them.

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