Make a Memory

Andra Watkins posted a blog this morning titled “Make a Memory”. Of course there are all kinds of memories that we can make and we tend to think of those giant memories. You know, the trip of a lifetime or the time you were praised publicly by your boss. But I think the best memories are the memories that just happen quietly. Let me illustrate:

This summer I had the pleasure (although there were a few times I used a different word) of staying with my dad while we made arrangements to move him into a nursing home.

Dad has been completely disabled for several years so he is dependent on someone for his every need – and I do mean his every need. These are things that no daughter ever wants to think about having to help her dad with, but even those moments were times when I could give back to someone who has always been there for me.

Many nights we would watch a little television before he went to bed, but many nights we did nothing at all. We giggled about things, we watched sports, we made plans for him. Those are moments I will never get back again. I know that one of these days (although I hope not soon), he will be gone and all I will have are my memories…precious memories.


12 thoughts on “Make a Memory

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    Pamela Beckford wrote a great Make a Memory post last week. I’m sharing it as fodder to get you thinking, Dear Reader. I hope you’ll submit your own Make a Memory stories directly to me at mystories(at)andrawatkins(dot)com. Between now and January 15, 2015, we will be cataloguing them for the editorial calendar. If I have any questions, I can follow up with you before they post. Please, PLEASE consider sharing a Make a Memory story or inviting someone in your life to Make a Memory with you.

  2. I was very lucky to spend time with both my parents before they died (within 6 weeks of one another). I had quality time with my dad, who faded in and out with Alzheimer’s. My mom was as sharp as a tack, as always. I got to read an early draft of my novel to her, which we both enjoyed. There was already a lifetime of memories there, but we crammed a bunch more into that last year.

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