Photography wanted

I have learned so much about publishing and need to go back and “fix” some things from my first book.

I had used a stock photo from Amazon for the book cover for my Kindle version of Dreams of Love. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to use the same picture when I worked with Createspace on the print version. So, I found something kind of similar (but not close enough to suit me).

I am planning to rework the cover and have both versions be alike. In order to do that, I need an amazing picture of a sunset – preferably a sunset over the beach or water. I know that there are lots of you who take some incredible pictures. Would you like to share?

If you are interested in helping me out by contributing your picture (hi res) to be used on my book cover, please send me an email (pamela984 at yahoo dot com) with a snapshot. If I find the perfect picture, I would need you to give me the rights to use it for this purpose. I would, of course, acknowledge you inside the book and I would send you a paperback version of the book.

I look forward to seeing your submissions.

Kindle version

Print version


8 thoughts on “Photography wanted

  1. I have one that may work, but it’s buried in an email at work. I’ll try to remember to send it to you tomorrow. It’s a picture I took at Hawaii. Nothing but ocean and clouds and brilliant orange colors of the sun filtering through those clouds.

      • It’s definitely different than the picture you have currently. It may actually be a bit too harsh now that I compare it to your current cover. But I’ll send it tomorrow. It’s funny, every few weeks I change the picture that I use for the background on my desktop at work. Today, I found this picture attached to a really old email and put it on the desktop background. What timing!

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