Book Sales

I vowed I was not going to check my book sales on a daily or multi daily basis. And I’ve been pretty good about sticking with that.

I know that poetry isn’t always as valued as a novel may be either.

Today I saw another author who had mentioned that he had sold less than 100 books – and he has published two so far with another on its way. That got me started thinking about my book sales. I don’t really have a comparison to know whether my book sales are going good or not. And certainly no poetry books to compare myself to. But at least now I have a fiction writer to compare myself against. Even though it is an oranges and grapes thing.

I added up all my book sales – 3 books, both in paperback and Kindle. And I actually totaled just over 100 books sold since February. Plus all the free copies during my giveaway.

I think that isn’t too bad really. Of course, my newest book has stalled completely. Is it because it is summer? Is it because I quit hounding people about it? Is it because it is poetry? Too long? Too short?

That’s the problem, we really don’t know why books aren’t selling or why they are. All I know is that I keep writing and I will keep publishing. I learn something new all the time and I am convinced that I am getting better. I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump this summer, but I know that is not a permanent condition and I am putting together an amazing collection of poetry again.

I also know that since I’ve learned quite a bit, I’m going to design a cover for Dreams of Love. Currently, it has a stock photo that Kindle made available and it doesn’t match the paperback cover. That bothers me so I want a completely different cover and I have exactly what I want in my mind. I just need to figure out how to do it so I don’t have to pay anyone. I will conquer photoshop.

So, if you haven’t bought any of my books yet, you should do that. Come on, they are only 99 cents each on Kindle.


12 thoughts on “Book Sales

  1. Those are pretty decent figures for poetry, Pamela, judging y some of the poets I know.
    The main thing is to wriite because you love writing… then the sales are wonderful, but the making is even better x

  2. I will hold my hands up to not having bought any of your books Pamela but I am going to head over and check them out right now. I love your attitude and I think it is a great way to be. Keep writing, keep publishing and just enjoy the whole journey. That’s what I do and I think it’s the best way to be. 🙂

  3. I think the summer is a big factor. That and poetry is very fringe, so you’re doing great given the circumstances. My poetry book died this summer and it’s short, so length probably isn’t a factor. Things should pick up next month.

  4. People need a constant stream of bright, shiny objects. Unfortunately. I don’t want to solve, but have you looked into blog tours for poetry books? My publisher found several for me that were reasonable, and I’ve found new readers who wouldn’t buy my book any other way. Given that you have three collections, it might be worth the small investment, because you could run one, but people might buy all three.

  5. Hello Pamela i have downloaded your books from kindle and i must tell you from what I have read so far I think your poem’s are fantastic, so far my favourite has to be wish upon a star, from your book love lost and found. Your words speak to my heart and soul. What ever you do don’t stop writing these poems, you are very good at writing beautiful words, thank you so much xxx

  6. Your numbers sound good to me. I write fiction and have quite a few books out (both in Spanish and English) and low numbers. I wonder if poetry would not be a great fit for audio…

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