The Shadow by Avery Martin

I wanted to repost this poem that I posted a few months ago. It was written by my young friend, Avery. He is 8 years old and he won the national junior poet competition at his school with this. I think he has quite a writing future ahead of him. I’m very pleased to present this poem by Avery.

My shadow has a human
It doesn’t grow or stretch
My human is kinda boring
He won’t even play fetch.

My shadow has a human
That seems to follow me
Wherever I go
That human seems to be

I grow taller as the day wears on
But the human doesn’t change
He claims that I follow him
But I think that’s just strange

Everyone knows that shadows
have always been here
Before people roamed the earth
Shadows were still near

We could take the shape
Of a flower or a tree
We could walk alongside
A t-Rex or a bee

My shadow has a human
And I guess he wants to fight
He turned around and glared at me
And then turned out the light

Shadows they fear nothing,
Not even big kids at the park
Nope. Not afraid of anything…
Except maybe the dark.

P.S. Avery’s mum has a birthday today and I know that Ionia will be busting her buttons to see Avery’s poem again. Happy Birthday mum Ionia!


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