Book Trailer

I am pretty proud of this. I used Adobe Voice on my iPad and created a kind of book trailer. I’m pleased with how it turned out for a zero budget/cost video. It was super easy to create – I actually was going to use this for a project at work but decided to try it out by doing the book trailer.

Pros – easy to create, you can use your own pictures or choose from hundreds of icons and pictures, music clips are easy to add (again, your own or theirs). Adobe Voice is a FREE app.

Cons – you can’t save it as a video file so I can’t upload it to my YouTube account. It resides in Adobe’s cloud so the only way to access it is with a link. Right now, Adobe Voice is only available for iPad.

All in all, I think the pros outweigh the cons – at least until I either want to pay someone to produce something or get smarter.

So, here is my Poetry by Pamela book trailer. Please feel free to reblog this and share it with your friends and followers. It would be appreciated.


16 thoughts on “Book Trailer

  1. It’s great that you gave your trailer a voice-over – I think the trailers that have only music are neglecting the visually disabled, who also want good books, whether they use a screen reader, audiobooks, or run an e-book through a text-to-speech generator. But until now, my trailer was the only one I knew of that speaks. (I did mine using Windows Movie Maker and a TTS generator.)

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