What an incredible review of Dreams of Love. Reading it made me blush/smile/cry. Susan writes a bit of poetry herself. Show her some love and visit her blog.

Life in the Oasis

Love, romance, and relationships know no season, and “Dreams of Love” by Pamela Beckford is no exception. If you ever were in love, still in love, think you’re in love, or wish you were in love, this collection of her poetry is waiting for you to read. This is sixth in my series of book reviews; I hope that my recommendations inspire you to read these books.

. . . .


That singular word – breathtaking – is the best one-word description of “Dreams of Love” by Pamela Beckford that kept coming to mind as I lingered within the pages.

“Dreams of Love” is a superb collection of thirty-one poems that not only touches upon the varying facets of a relationship, but is also a powerful timeline of the changeable levels of growth in a relationship. Simply put, “Dreams” can be read in no particular order as stand-alone poems…

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