BOOK REVIEW: “VOICES OF NATURE” By Pamela B. and Kirsten A.

Review of Voices of Nature

Life in the Oasis

With the arrival of summer and its sweltering days and warm nights, books are a fabulous way to relax, get away, and imagine. I seem to read more books during the summer than any other time of the year. Today, I’m kicking off a series of my book reviews. I hope that my recommendations inspire you to read these books. If you are a writer and have a book you would like me to read and publicly review, drop me a line. I’d be glad to do that. ~Susan Marie Molloy

“Voices of Nature,” written by Pamela B. and Kirsten A., is a beautifully penned assemblage of poetry celebrating Nature’s varying seasonal beauty.

The book is cleverly categorized into logical chapters: Seasons (generically), Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and ‘Nature’s Best.’

The first chapter, “The Seasons” is a delightful hors d’oeuvre that tempts the reader with the “lush meadow of…

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