…my new programme… Bloggers’ Idol/Bloggers Got Talent… yer open invitation to Guest Blog with the ol’ Jurassic… #TBSU…

Seumas Gallacher

…it’s some of the best fun yeez can have with yer clothes on… Guest Blogging… as a Category in ‘gift-giving’, it’s right up there with doing reviews for yer fellow scribblers… blessing those who give and those who receive (would make a neat epithet that, Mabel)… I ask only one tiny, wee ROOLno offensive material, if yeez don’t mind… all else is fair game… content, style, number of WURDS… with or without photographs… I would welcome, and expect, plenty of exposure to yer own masterpieces… links for readers and others to check them out… bio information, should yeez so desire… tell fibs about yerselves if yeez wish (Interpol will not be in the loop)… in short, use the page here however yeez like… and just so yeez are aware, I link every one of my blog posts to my own SOSYAL NETWURKS on Twitter, Facebook…

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