Break Time

Time to take a break so I can concentrate on putting together my next poetry collection. I will be fairly quiet for a few days, although I may repost some of my favorite poems. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do today. This is from Dreams of Love, my first poetry collection. Have you bought it yet? It’s only $.99 for Kindle (but you can also buy the paperback). It has been in the top 100 kindle books for love poems off and on (as I write this, it is #98). With 11 five-star reviews, I’m pleased, but need the sales to keep it in the top #100. You can click on the picture below to follow the link to Amazon.

I will be back with more poems and a cover reveal soon

Have you ever…

Started to say I love you?
Wanted to reach out and touch him?
Wished you could hold his hand,
Or spend an entire night together?

Have you ever…

Just watched him,
when he didn’t know you were looking?
Daydreamed a new reality?
Wanted what you couldn’t have?

Have you ever…

Whispered a name you shouldn’t?
Ached with desire?
Wished you could stop time?
Given up on love?

Have you ever…


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