Voices of Nature Blog Tour Participants

Today we have three more bloggers who are promoting Voices of Nature for Kirsten and I. We truly thank these individuals for helping us promote our book.

First we have Jeriann – her blog is Dairyairhead. Don’t you just love that name? Her tagline is just as good. It is “The Adventures of a Ditzy English major thrust into the real world.” She posts some entertaining blogs – be sure and show her some love.

Then we have Charles from the Legends of Windemere. Charles is not only a successful indie author (I love his series, by the way and have read and reviewed them all), but one of the best supporters on wordpress of other authors (both published and unpublished). Charles has a vivid imagination and it shows in his writing and his blog.

And we have Lorene at RePrEsSeD ExPrEsSiOnS. She has a section on her blog of her own poetry. But she is more multi-faceted than that and talks about illness and cancer, as well as other prose and songs. In fact, her tagline is: “I like Eclectic. I am a blogging mutt. Sometimes I will dress it up a bit with a poem or song.” Head over to her blog now and see what she is all about.

Thank you all for helping us promote Voices of Nature.


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