A Teaser

My latest publication co-authored with Kirsten A is getting closer to reality. Proof copy received today, a few minor adjustments to the interior and it will be done.
And a tanka I wrote for the book that seems to be appropriate for today (what is happening outside my window is not corresponding to the date on today’s calendar).

Snowpocalypse (tanka)

Howling swirling winds
Snow falling faster than time
The bite of cold stings
Winter’s blustery cold blast
Hibernation appealing


19 thoughts on “A Teaser

  1. Best wishes with your new book Pamela (and Kirsten too!)…such an exciting time to see it all finally become a reality! It seems many people have suffered the onslaught of Ol’ Man Winter for much too long and too harsh this year. Everyone is screaming “enough already”, myself included and I live in a very moderate climate.

  2. I’m so excited about the upcoming release. Soon…soon. And I hate that you are having snow…UGH. Come back here for a visit!

      • We were under a Severe Thunderstorm warning and Tornado warning for quite awhile. But all we really got was some much needed rain. Then again, I’ve been here for quite a few of the really big hurricanes so this seemed like nothing.

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