I wrote a post not long ago on What is Poetry – you can read it here. And I continue to think about this. Poetry is so individualized. Not everyone likes the same style of poetry or even the same subject matter. Poems can take many forms – long and short – rhyming and unrhyming. I just wish people would give poetry a chance. I still think that many of us were taught in school about famous poems. But Dr. Seuss was a poet and many children’s books involve poetry at its best. I have been experimenting with many different forms – some I like and some I don’t.

Today I ran across a blog http://thepoetrybank.blogspot.com/2014/02/what-makes-poem.html?spref=tw (I was unable to reblog, but it is definitely worth a look).

So, what are your thoughts on poetry?


8 thoughts on “Poetry?

  1. Poetry to me is very personal. I have poems I hid way for decades and never let anyone read. I go back and read them sometimes and think…where did that come from? Other times they remind me of the things that were significant at various points in my life. I see poetry blogs and think, “There is a brave soul.”

      • I have some weird stuff about nuclear and biological war and things that were troublesome in my immature mind at the time, lots of stuff about suicide and depression…but not my suicide, but somebody reading them would probably be worried about me. Lots of darkness. It was like therapy during my darkest hours.

      • Neither do I, it’s just where I was at the time, that’s why I don’t share it. Very therapeutic though.

        I like poems that lift my spirits not drag me down when I am reading.

  2. Poetry is definitely a very personal medium to express one’s deepest thoughts and emotions, and that can run the gamut of anything and everything. I think too many people turn up their noses at poetry, thinking it’s all rhyming and some sort of sing-song compilation of words. Of course, we know that isn’t so, and poetry isn’t meant to be read stiffly and unemotionally line-by-line. I like most types of poetry, and poetry from across the centuries. I mostly like upbeat themes, but once in awhile, when I’m feeling low, the dark and macabre hold my interest. ~Susan

  3. As long as there are poets writing there will be people reading poetry and going to the cafe to hear it read.
    I went back and read your older poetry post: I prefer to write short poetry…something I don’t chew on and tear apart. I’ve experimented with writing sonnets and rhymed poetry. I found this very confining and at the same time it taught me how to peel away those metric layers to reach the core feeling. I believe there is a fine line between a personal and a universal feeling experience. The difficult task, for me, is reaching that line and stepping over it ever so slightly in either direction throughout the poem.
    I’ve been writing poetry for 50 years. I can’t think of one moment, during those 50 years, when I thought writing poetry was a waste of time…in many ways, it. has saved my emotional life.
    Until later..

  4. Poetry helped save me from addictions…so I’m rather partial to it! For me, poetry is personal and universal.

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