Your eyes smile at me
Your mouth winks
Tempting me to come close
As into your arms I sink

Your finger traces my arm
Your hand caresses my leg
You’ll get no fight from me
As I try not to beg

Your tongue dances with mine
I melt beneath your touch
You nuzzle my neck
I love you so very much

I’ve waited a lifetime 
To lose myself in you
To enjoy you all of my days
And all of my nights too 

I know we must be apart 
But I don’t ever want you to go
I long for our life together
Oh, I love you so 


I am reposting this now because my muses are preparing to say adieu again. It is so hard for them to be apart and I hate they have to go through this all the time. I can’t wait for the day they can be together always. I love you Ionia and Julian

And if you, my dear readers, enjoyed this, you can find more in my book Dreams of Love. It’s available for Kindle for only $.99 or in paperback.


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