I Came. I Saw. I Stayed.

#Toliveforever – great book, great blog, great people – download the book and read it TODAY! And best wishes to Andra as she continues her walk

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

After a week of trudging along the Natchez Trace, I miss two things: home cooking and the conveniences of my own place. Eating with Dad means he pouts like a toddler if we go somewhere he thinks he won’t like. Plus, there’s this…..

“I can’t eat greens, cause I take coumadin. You know, that blood thinner? And I can’t eat sugar, because I’m a diabetic. My blood sugar was 160 when I pricked my finger this morning. Dropped the alcohol and got blood all over the bathroom. Oh, and I can’t eat peanuts, because they aggravate my hemorrhoids.”

“Yay, Dad. I’m STARVING now.”

Sigh. (While the server flees our table and screams about the crazy man at number 13.)

The Isabella Bed & Breakfast in Port Gibson, Mississippi, accommodated Dad’s picky palate. They even made a special dinner for us after a grueling day on the Trace, meaning I didn’t…

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