Dreams of Love


I haven’t pushed my book lately (well, it’s been at least two weeks). So today, I thought I would talk about how blessed I have been to receive nine 5 star reviews. Check them out here.

If you aren’t typically a reader of poetry, I would encourage you to give mine a try. The forms I use are typically not long; however, they provoke strong emotions. Some of them are steamy, some of them are sappy, some of them are sad and full of angst. I think poetry is best read slowly and given time to allow it to run around inside of you so you can get its full effect.

As I am putting together my next collection (which will hopefully be published by the end of March) in collaboration with another poet, I would encourage you to download (although it is also available in paperback) Dreams of Love. It is only $.99 – certainly less than the price of a Starbucks coffee and savor the emotions within.

Thank you – tomorrow I will return with more poetry (or today, if the mood strikes me)


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