Enter the To Live Forever: Journey to Charleston Contest

I have read this incredible book – now is your chance to do one better and enter the #toliveforever contest

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

to live forever andra watkins Today is the official launch of the To Live Forever: Journey to Charleston Contest. When my publisher gave the green light to the contest, I was prepared to beg. And bribe. And threaten my friends to put this package together.

I didn’t have to do any of that. When I approached Chef John Ondo and Chef Nico Romo, they responded in less than 60 seconds: We’ll do anything for you, Andra. Dean Andrews came through with luxury rooms at the exquisite Zero George. My dear friend Kristin Cobb offered cupcakes from Cupcake. The fellows at The Belmont wouldn’t stand for the package to be without Thunderclappers.

Follow the links on the Prize Package page to see just how awesome this package is. Scroll over each item to check it out.

You’ve got lots of ways to enter, Dear Reader. Check out the flyer below, or see the How to Enter

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