Review: Dreams of Love by Pamela

My first review! 😊

Legends of Windemere

I just finished reading this collection of poetry by Pamela over at Poetry by Pamela.  It’s her first published book.  So, here’s my review:

There wasn’t a single poem that I didn’t like.  The variety of styles kept the short book from getting repetitive, which I think is a big plus for poetry that works off the same theme of love/passion.  Speaking of the theme, there is a lot of emotion brought out in the author’s words.  Some poems are steamy while others are romantic, which is a great spread along the ‘love’ spectrum.  A few near the end were kind of sad too, so you don’t get the idea that love is all passion and happiness.

My favorite poem would have to be ABC’s of Love due to the creativity and uniqueness.  It really stood out among the other poems.  I would highly recommend this entire collection.

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