Why now?

My face flushes with desire
My heart skips a beat.
The memory of that fire
We both feel so deep.

With just that one word,
I’m putty in your hands.
Again the lines are blurred,
Somehow I have to break these bands.

The hold you have on my heart
Is keeping me from moving on.
Even though I can’t imagine being apart,
Yet my head says I’m not your pawn.

Extended absence and time
Must ease my pain.
Up the hill to separation I climb
If only small steps I gain.

What do I really want,
Part of you or the whole?
Will your memory always be my haunt,
Or do I give you my soul?

This is posted as part of the dVerse Open Links Night


18 thoughts on “Why now?

  1. that is not an easy way – but i would rather walk away as well if i felt like a pawn… i want rather everything or nothing… and there will be new things waiting for you…

  2. I understand this kind of pain. It is bittersweet and so hard to shake! I wish I could take away the pain for you. And I do think you’ve climbed up higher on the road than you realize…you are getting stronger!

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