Fairy Tales

Fairy tales and magic wands
Princes on majestic steeds
Evil step sisters with hair so blonde
Trolls and gnomes doing good deeds

Fluttering silver gilded wings
Fairies spinning flax into gold
Ball gowns and magic mirrors
Princesses with wishes to behold

Thoughts of happily ever afters
Awakened with the prince’s kisses
Now vanished are those dreams
I’m left with only near misses



61 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. I did believe once. I can’t anymore. Tales maybe but fairy tales – no. I believe they are there and some people find them and some do not. I am the latter.

  2. ah that close is sad… it’s sad when we lose that magic.. i loved fairy tales as a kid…and i still do cause i think that even as adult, we need a bit of magic in our life…smiles… nice to meet you and welcome at dVerse

  3. Sometimes i think..there can be decades of near misses..

    But with continued HOPE..and simply living HOPE MOrE…

    Fairly tales do come TRUE..

    i can prove it..

    But that’s another story….2

    Anyway..i love fairy tales..and the ethereal feeling that your
    words brought to me today…

    So continue on..and maybe one day..

    Your fairy tale will come true for you2…
    or who knows even 3 or 4 for more…….

    And oh..happy 2014..5!

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